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Parts and Accessories for any Coating System

Regardless of the manufacturer, Precision Die Systems (PDS) will promptly provide parts and service for any slot die and coating systems. Whether you need a standard part or something custom manufactured for your application, PDS has the capabilities to promptly provide what you need to keep you operational and improve the performance of your coating line.

Slot die parts are often custom, and we have developed a process to customize the parts you need regardless of original slot die manufacturer or OEM to match your equipment at competitive prices.

Rework and Shim

Die Body Shims

The slot gap is a crucial component for slot die coating application, and shims are responsible for controlling it. To ensure optimal coating control, it's important to use shims that are precise and flat. PDS offers precision-manufactured shims made of polymeric and/or steel materials for fixed lip slot die coating equipment and any other slot die equipment that requires the functionality of a slot die body shim.

Offsets and Adjusting Parts

Slot Die Adjusting Bolts

The lip adjusting bolts are used to control the critical slot gap in flexible lip slot die coating equipment. This type of equipment is commonly used for hot melt adhesive coating applications and requires a thorough understanding of the interaction between various components such as the lip design, adjustment rod, nut retainer, and screw. Whether it's a push-only design or a push/pull assembly, PDS can provide precision-manufactured parts for any slot equipment that requires variable slot gap opening functionality.

Lip Insert Set

Lip Inserts

Having a removable lip insert in certain coating applications can offer significant benefits. For instance, in tensioned web over slot die coating, the final lip geometry can only be determined through trial work. Additionally, different fluids may require different interfacial geometries for proper meniscus pinning during research and development. Moreover, repairing a damaged lip may be easier than refurbishing an entire slot die, especially in abrasive applications. PDS can provide a precision manufactured part for any slot die equipment that requires variable lip geometry within a set slot die design, regardless of the reason.

End Plate

End Plates

End plates are essential for flexible lip slot dies as they enable the adjustable lip to operate while maintaining a seal at the outer end of the slot die. They are commonly used in conjunction with an end seal for hot melt adhesive coating, and can also be used for a fixed slot die, which is the most accurate way to manufacture a coating head. PDS can provide precision-manufactured parts for any slot die equipment that requires maintaining the precision of the upper and lower die bodies from the ends of the equipment.


Seal Gaskets

The gaskets work together with the end plates to seal off the manifold ends of the slot die. They are made from engineered polymeric material and can be customized to match the specific needs of the application in terms thickness, durometer, and compression. These disposable parts are commonly used in hot melt coating applications and can be ordered in bulk. PDS can provide gaskets that any slot die equipment requiring a seal during operation.

Feed Adapter

Adapter Blocks

The inlet adapter, also known as the entrance, plays a crucial role in connecting the delivery system to the slot die. It is important to ensure that the adapter is appropriately sized and manufactured for a seamless transition. Depending on the application, a metal-to-metal transition or a gasket may be required. At PDS, we can design and manufacture the necessary part, whether it's a welded sanitary fitting or a threaded component, to effectively handle the fluid and minimize air intake into the system.

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